About the metal quail

Hello! I'm Camryn Quayle owner + designer at The Metal Quail

The Metal Quail was created in 2015, but my love of jewelry design started way before that. As a child I would create unique pieces out of beads and wire, and gift them to family and friends. But after taking metal smithing classes in college I was hooked. 

 I decided to start selling my jewelry online, and it took me weeks to come up with a name. I literally combined every animal I like with metal or silver, then all the sudden it came to me, my last name is Quayle (DUH), so there was born The Metal Quail. 

From loving jewelry since I can remember, this just makes sense that I began making real metal pieces. I was the girl who was covered in rings and bracelets. I have my ears pierced multiple times, and even wear waist beads, from my time in Africa. Jewelry is what makes me unique, and I hope to give people what jewelry has given me, a way to express myself. I never regret spending money on jewelry, because it makes me feel beautiful. 

I am especially inspired by the outdoors, and the gorgeous colors of the different places I have been. I love to travel, camp, and just be outside in general, so many of my pieces reflect this. Many of my designs can be worn doing all of these activities. I love making pieces that can be worn daily, and stand up to being active. I also make pieces that are meant for special occasions. I love to use various stones, metals, and materials. 

I hope these unique pieces of jewelry will inspire you to express yourself and live your life creatively. Be outside, enjoy the fresh air, and feel uniquely beautiful while doing so.